The Kwa-Zulu Natal Poultry Institute Reviews Impressive Training Year

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Kwa-Zulu Natal Poultry Institute Reviews Impressive Training Year

The KZN Poultry Institute’s training year drew to a strong close after the Institute recently hosted 23 extension advisors and emerging poultry farmers from three South African provinces in a 5-day poultry production course.  Trainer par excellence Walter Gwala commented that this was one of the most enjoyable groups he has worked with.  Questions and discussion flowed throughout the week and the group bonded well, enjoying a festive braai (a typically South African barbecue) on the last night of training! One participant commented, “The facilitation of the course was really interesting and encouraging as well as hopeful. The facilitation was really cool…”

Guest speakers Edwin Nzimande of Avipharm tackled the role of cost-effective hygiene schedules and their importance in a biosecurity program; Dr Minkie Masimege of the government veterinary laboratory enjoyed a lively interaction with the class around the issues affecting flock health. And Brett van den Broeck of Dorner Distributors gave a very useful hands-on demonstration of how good brooder management can reduce production costs and ensure a good start for the flock.

Gwala and the guest speakers adeptly bridged a wide range of poultry skills, from the response that “at least I [now] know the difference between layers and broilers” to “I have learnt a lot… it will also help me encourage my employees to … do their best to work … on biosecurity.“ Another participant heaped praise on KZN PI, “there is no other people who can give such a good opportunity so that we can do more. It started from parent stock to hatchery which is where my interest is. It has helped me a lot, I am looking forward to implementing what I have learnt to improve production and decrease fatalities.”

Biosecurity was a common thread in responses to the question about immediate changes that the participants will make back on the farm: “Implement biosecurity, start investigating dead chickens and start vaccinating.” “I will encourage the farmers to do biosecurity.” “I will improve my biosecurity and the parent stock and hatchery equipment.”  “Good hygiene and biosecurity.  I will better advise farmers.”  Business skills was a further takeaway: “I will make sure that my record keeping is always accurate (the physical records and the financial records).”

The KZN PI team has trained 245 people under the WPF grant and looks forward to guiding more extension advisors and producers through further sessions in the year to come, which will definitely delight the participant who wrote, “Please don’t stop with us because black emerging farmers need this kind of poultry institute for the knowledge you gave us. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”




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