January Visit to Calcutta, India

Travel Note: January 30-31 2019

Randall Ennis and Johan van Arendonk, Chief Technology Office and Director of Breeding Operations from Hendrix Genetics, met in Kolkata (Calcutta) India on in January 2019 to visit with smallholder farmers to review the Kuroiler performance under harsh conditions.

The Kuroiler adapts and performs exceptionally well under these variable and harsh conditions (hot, humid, poor feed density, poor water quality, extreme variances in night and day temps, etc.).

Of particular note was the incredible resilience of the bird. With only a few exceptions (where predators got into the house), the mortalities were consistently 2% -3% up to 70 days of age. Despite terrifying road travel, the visit was useful for Johan and I to see the potential of this breed for Africa.

Stay tuned, you never know where we’ll be next!


Randall Ennis
World Poultry Foundation





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