Visiting the KwaZulu Natal Poultry Institute

Richard Fritz was recently in South Africa and visited the Kwazulu Natal Poultry Institute (KZNPI) where WPF has provided training to over 300 small holder farmers and extension agents.  The WPF has provided a grant to the WPF to expand and upgrade their facilities and improve biosecurity.

Pictured is the base for expansion of the hatchery teaching facility new instruction facilities.  KZNPI is the premier poultry teaching facility in Southern Africa.

Partnerships like these are the life-blood of our mission to be a self-sustaining instrument for improving lives globally through production and consumption of poultry, while empowering farmers in developing regions.

Thank you for sharing in our stories from the road. We’re excited to bring you real-time updates as often as we can.



Richard Fritz
Managing Director
World Poultry Foundation

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