Fall Visit to Nigerian Villages

While visiting in Nigeria, World Poutlry Foundation CEO, Randall Ennis, and others had the opportunity to go visit with mother units and smallholder farmers in the rural villages. While in Nigeria, they traveled to the Ilesa community in Osun State and the Igangan village in Ogun State.

They saw first hand the impact that the APMI is delivering through this project. The farmers are very excited at the performance of the Noiler and at the Mother Units, we are consistently seeing mortalities under 2% at 5 weeks of age,and all of the flocks we visited in the field had mortalities under 10% at over 52 weeks of age.

Ennis said, “The most fulfilling aspect of the visit for me was that literally all of the women farmers we talked to reported that they were feeding the eggs produced to their children. The consumption of the eggs is increasing the protein intake of these children, which is a major objective of the APMI.”

 Please enjoy some photos from the trip in the gallery below. They include:

  • A mother unit operator who is keeping her birds in a room of her house
  • Walking up a trail to get to one of the villages as access for vehicles is a challenge (but we are reaching these areas!!)
  • A woman with some of her birds on the porch but also with a few in her cooking pot.
  • Another woman with her birds in her house so no one will steal them.
  • Children in the village who are now having access to eggs for consumption.

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Randall Ennis
World Poultry Foundation





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