The impact of the African Poultry Multiplication Initiative in Nigeria

A travel note from Randall Ennis, CEO of World Poultry Foundation:

On December 7, 2018 I went with Korede Afolabi and his team from Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery to visit with smallholder farmers in the villages of Ayegunle and Alouge in the Ogunmakin region of Nigeria.

We had the opportunity to meet with village leaders and women to discuss the Noiler performance in the rural villages, and to also discuss the importance of consuming eggs and meat.

Please enjoy these pictures from my trip; I was amazed at the number of children under the age of 14 in the two villages, so the message on nutrition was particularly important. The visit validated to me that the APMI project is impacting lives and transforming the rural poultry sector.



Randall Ennis
World Poultry Foundation







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