“Fantastic Last Days”

This story is one in a series from Frances Chisholm highlighting stories of lives impacted by World Poultry Foundation programs and workshops both in the U.S. and abroad. We encourage you to learn more about Ms. Chisholm and our poultry projects in South Africa.


Sanela MthembuThat’s how Sanele Mthembu describes the conclusion of his World Poultry Foundation funded poultry internship at the Rose Acre Farms in Winamac, Indiana.  “The farm never wanted to let me go,” he beamed.

I caught up with Sanele again after reporting earlier this year on his internship experience and his observations of good management practices.  He’s putting that learning to good use these days in South Africa as supervisor of 50 staff at NuDawn Eggs, where he previously interned.

Sanele is also tapping into the supervisory skills he gained at WPF-partner KwaZulu-Natal Poultry Institute, plus “what I learned along the way.”  “It’s important to develop a love of chickens in your team,” he says with passion, “and explain every process very clearly so everyone understands the job and understands the chickens, no matter what level of education.”

The young South African was especially delighted recently when a worker spotted that some medicine was not reaching the very last chickens in the water line of one house.  The worker fixed the problem and then showed Sanele improvements in the weight and mortality rate of those birds.  “I was really impressed and proud,” exclaimed the new supervisor.

Having rotated around five departments during his internship at the Indiana poultry farm, Sanele looks forward to sharing his new knowledge and the ready advice that his former bosses are generously offering.  For his part, NuDawn Eggs owner Seo Mtetwa takes pride in mentoring emerging poultry farmers like Sanele as they learn basic poultry business skills on his farm.  He expects Sanele to plow back his knowledge and expertise into NuDawn Eggs, “Sanele’s experience overseas will add value to our business.”

Now on NuDawn’s management team, Sanele is in training for promotion to General Farm Manager at the 400,000-bird farm.  And he still has his eyes set on running his own layer farm one day. The sky’s the limit, Sanele!





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