An update on our projects in Tanzania

A travel note from Randall Ennis, CEO of World Poultry Foundation:

On my latest visit to Tanzania, I had the opportunity to observe a marketing awareness and messaging to a women’s group in the Pwani village in Tanzania.

The presentation was about the value of dual purpose birds in the rural area and the impact on productivity, income, and household nutrition. For the workshop, 100 four-week old birds were brought to the meeting so that they could see first hand the physical characteristics that were being discussed. There were approximately 65 women who came to the central meeting area to listen and ask questions.

Afterwards, the group was given the opportunity to purchase the birds to see for themselves the increase in productivity compared to the local indigenous breeds. It was not only informative, but fascinating to see the excitement amongst the village women for the access to quality poultry inputs. It was amazing and heart warming to see the smiles on the faces as they were headed back to their respective houses with their new chickens in hand.

I’m back on the road again, and will bring you another update soon.

Until then,


Randall Ennis
World Poultry Foundation





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