While in Vikawe, Tanzania…

While in Vikawe, Tanzania (in the coastal area north of Dar es Salaam) I  had the opportunity to visit a Mother Unit owned by Zarina Madabida.

Zarina owns a Mother Unit brooding Sasso birds to 28 days of age for sale to small holder farmers in the area.  She also has a small flock for her own egg production.  On average she is brooding 2,000 chicks per cycle, with six cycles per year.

Here are some photos of our visit, where we got to explore operation along with staff from Silverlands. Silverlands provides DOCs, veterinary services and feed to Zarina.

Our team was also accompanied by Dr. David Wilkie of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). The WCS is interested in learning more about poultry production as an alternative protein source for villages and para-urban areas rather than the harvest of bush meet from national parks and preserves.


Richard Fritz
Managing Director
World Poultry Foundation





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