Future Farmer Foundation Intern makes her mark

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Thando, looks forward to her new job as farm manager

“Amazing,” says Susan Reed, Iowa Cage Free’s manager of new hire training, about the six Future Farmer Foundation interns the company has hosted to date. They bring poultry expertise that’s superior to any other group of international interns, she exclaimed.

In one example, Production Supervisor, Margaret Noll, impressed with Future Farmer Nothando (“Thando”) Sibiya’s high level of competence and work ethic, promoted her to House Lead and eventually House Supervisor with responsibility for six layer houses and the care of around 500,000 birds.  A house under Thando’s supervision achieved the all-time company record of 95% production!

Thando’s infectious enthusiasm for poultry also landed her a promotion to train new staff, mostly Americans.  “We became good friends,” she added with a laugh.  Reed says any one of the South African interns has what it takes to become a trainer.

It’s not all work as a Future Farmer at Iowa Cage Free.  In their free time, Thando and the other interns visited county fairs, carnivals and took part in community events to get to know America.

“I’m very grateful to Future Farmers Foundation and the World Poultry Foundation,” she says.
“It was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot.”  Back from the U.S., Thando has landed a job as manager of a poultry farm in Pretoria.  In “giving back” mode, she has agreed to serve as a Future Farmers Foundation mentor and take on a Future Farmer apprentice in her new management position. Thando aspires to one day own her own poultry farm!


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