Maureen Stickel joins WPF Executive Team as Director of International Program Development

Contact: Richard Fritz. Managing Director |
Maureen StickelThe World Poultry Foundation is excited to announce the appointment of Maureen Stickel as the Director of International Program Development. Maureen will be a part of the WPF Executive Team and will oversee the growth and development of WPF’s global program portfolio. Maureen will build upon WPF’s in-house data ability to inform future program improvements, tailor gender and nutrition messaging within WPF training work, as well as work closely with the CEO to support the growth and refinement of the APMI program worldwide.

Maureen comes to WPF with over a decade of experience working in International Development across four continents. Most recently, she was an Associate Director and Head of the Zambia office with IDinsight, a client service firm focused on improving the use of data in the social sector. With IDinsight, Maureen led strategy, stakeholder relations, and team development for a portfolio of agricultural projects across Africa. 

Prior to joining IDinsight, Maureen worked for the University of Wisconsin-Madison to manage various projects in Paraguay, the same country where she also served in the U.S. Peace Corps as a Small Business Advisor. She holds a Bachelor of Science in International Economics from Georgetown University and a Master of Science in Agricultural and Applied Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Maureen speaks English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.  

WPF CEO, Randall Ennis, commented, “We are delighted to have Maureen joining the WPF team, and she brings a unique skillset and perspective that will be an asset to our organization, Her experience with rural farmer engagement will help us achieve our mission of improving people’s lives globally through the production and consumption of poultry while empowering farmers in developing areas.”

Maureen currently resides in Lusaka, Zambia.


About the World Poultry Foundation

Formerly known as the USAPEEC International Poultry Development Program (UIPDP), the World Poultry Foundation works to promote economic development in distressed areas and emerging markets outside of the United States by helping to establish the production, availability, and ultimately consumption of a low cost, highly efficient and nutritious protein that poultry can provide. This will be accomplished by providing technical, educational, and any other assistance needed to foster the development of the local poultry and egg industries. The World Poultry Foundation will seek to cooperate and partner with other like-minded foundations, organizations, and governments by assisting them in projects that advance the charitable purposes of the Foundation.

UIPDP was created in 1997 from an opportunity to assist the fledgling Russian poultry industry. Funds from the U.S. government and the poultry industry were leveraged to enter into a joint venture partnership with a Russian broiler production facility. Elinar Broiler was created out of this partnership. After the sale of UIPDP’s shares back to Elinar in 2006, it was agreed that proceeds would be used for charitable purposes outside the U.S. to assist other poultry industries around the world. In 2015, UIPDP was re-named the World Poultry Foundation and restructured to reflect a broader mission for its work yet focusing on the economic development of emerging markets through direct involvement with local industries and farmers.