WPF Managing Director Visits Cuba

Managing Director, Richard Fritz, represents WPF in Cuba
From left to right: Dr. Manuel Pampin Balado, Ms. Maria Dolores Rivero Diaz, and Richard Fritz.

Recently Richard Fritz spent four days in Cuba working on structure and
content for an upcoming two-day WPF funded workshop on egg production
designed for members of the Cuban Poultry Research Institute and the
Ministry of Agriculture.

Over 70 researchers and producers plan to attend
the December workshop on layer nutrition, feed processing, detection and
control of poultry diseases, and design and management of poultry housing
and ventilation systems.

Richard is pictured here with poultry researchers
Ms. Maria Dolores Rivero Diaz (Grupo Empresarial Ganadero) and Dr. Manuel
Pampin Balado (Avis).  Richard also took the opportunity to have some fun
with a vegetable merchant and visit farms.