Sales Training in Zimbabwe

As part of the quarterly review, during the first two weeks of June WPF staff had the opportunity to visit the APMI program in Zimbabwe. We visited several villages where mother units were growing dual-purpose birds to 28 days, before selling them to neighboring households. Since the program only started three months ago, most of these mother units were relatively new to the program. It was encouraging to see several of them already placing their second flock, and the enthusiasm with which they embarked on this opportunity to become poultry producers.  

During the second week of the visit, training was organized to provide field staff of the WPF partner company with the skills required to reach more rural households with dual-purpose poultry. Two trainers were flown in from South Africa and Côte d’Ivoire. Additional support was provided remotely, by an experienced sales coach from the United Kingdom. Field staff was taught how to organize community meetings and enter into a group conversation with rural households about the benefits of owning dual-purpose poultry. An additional day of training was organized for company management, to develop KPI’s and establish a framework for performance reviews, all with the objective of increasing the number of households reached. 

To ensure the learnings from the training are embedded into day-to-day practices, for the next two months a field coach will be based in Zimbabwe, providing hands-on support. WPF believes this training to provide an important contribution in their work toward increasing poultry production and improving household income and nutrition by providing access to dual-purpose poultry. 

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Wytse Vellema, Senior Program Manager, World Poultry Foundation

Wytse Vellema
Program Manager